Men in the Cities by Robert Longo

Recommended by Christina Holevas.

I stumbled upon this book at The Broken Arm in Paris when I was having a coffee with a friend. These photos were the source material for Robert Longo's Men in the Cities drawings (I wasn't familiar with the series by name but recognized many of the drawings immediately when I looked it up). I am in love with the very clean cut, simple clothing. I love the dance shoes and pumps on the women, and the skinny suits and ties on the men. And I love how the styling contrasts with the contorted, jerky movements of the models. Longo took these photos on his roof in Manhattan in the late 70s. Cindy Sherman, Larry Gagosian, Gretchen Bender, and Glenn Branca, all friends of the artist, serve as models. It's such a good book. Every page is a delight. 

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