The Modern Issue

The Modern Issue is dedicated to one whole look. One look where each piece forms the base of the Pantalon woman's wardrobe, and collectively defines the expression of an inspired silhouette. Featuring three pieces; Pantalon's signature trousers in Italian suiting, a matching lightweight coat and a haltered ribbed top - each in timeless black.
Inspired by early weeknight dinners around Surry Hills during the Autumn of 2021, wearing variations of long pocketed coats and trousers interchanged with sandals and boots. A meal, a walk and a view of the sky at dusk are the timeless pleasures we can always count on for comfort. Modern meaning – relating to the present or recent times, the Modern collection represents simplicity in form as well as an accompaniment to one another and pieces old, new and good.
A modern core collection; more important than anything else.