The Studio Issue

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Nothing shows our inner selves more than the working space we occupy. A studio is a place to read, research, write, talk, design, draw and edit our ideas to communicate to the world.
Pantalon Issue 3 is an exploration of a wardrobe based on creative workspaces inspiring movement, energy, and durability from our clothing. Featuring Summer shirting in fuchsia rose and crimson red as well as our signature black trousers re-cut in cropped and full-length styles all made from end of line, hard-wearing Japanese crepe. A spacious desk, a library of books, a pin board for a physical manifestation of ideas, and a speaker for hours’ worth of playlists are the makings of an inspired workspace. In addition to the space comes the clothing that supports us, often seeking durability yet feeding our creative desires. The Studio Issue represents a combination of the two and as wardrobe accompaniments to the pieces you already own.

The Studio is; creating a place of ones own.

PANTALON The Studio Issue