Trouser Care Instructions

To care for your Pantalon garments, we recommend dry-clean only. Smooth out any wrinkling with a cool iron or steamer. We encourage you to hang your trousers using the inner hanging tape to avoid clip hanger indentation. 

Packing protection

Pantalon Issue pieces are folded into a Pantalon cotton envelope for protection and care throughout the delivery journey. We recommend keeping and reusing your envelope to store your clothing when packed into a bag or suitcase. Your Pantalon envelope has also been designed to use as a carry bag for books; consider reusing as a library bag or laptop bag. 

Tailoring advice

To obtain a truly perfect fit, we recommend having your trousers altered by a trusted tailor following the simple guidelines below. 
Waist alterations: We recommend a maximum of two inches in total be taken in from the centre back zip; up to one inch on each side of the zip. The zip should be removed and re-sewn in. We don’t recommend taking any more than two inches as the back darts and pockets will move too far into the centre back, misaligning the garment. Avoid altering via the front, side (pockets) and darts as this may damage the design and overall look of the trouser. 
Length alterations: As the trousers have a straight, slightly wider leg we recommend the bottom of the trouser to just hit the floor when you are wearing shoes; this removes any breaks in the garment and results in a flattering silhouette.