Thoughts behind a modern coat

It’s a certain positive feeling when clothes can make you feel put together, no matter what else is on your mind. The idea for the Modern Coat came to life from this feeling during the Autumn of 2021. Early weeknight dinners followed by walks around Surry Hills while the sun setting over the city were the simple pleasures of the time. The scene looked something like this: hands firmly resting in coat pockets and a waist tie holding everything in place, trousers peeking through from the knee down and interchanging footwear between boots and sandals depending on the temperature. It was clothing associated with the feelings of hope and yearning to feel secure. 
The Modern Coat represents simplicity in form; a contemporary piece that reflects the present day and an accompaniment to the Modern Trouser. It’s been made in the same sleek and dependable viscose blend, allowing for drape and a slight movement in stretch. The shoulders were designed with a raglan drop sleeve to accentuate the shoulders while the break in the lapel is lowered, allowing for the décolletage to be exposed - always a refreshing and timeless look. As the Pantalon silhouette is the classic mid-rise on the trousers, the coat belt was designed to meet the trouser at the same point. The coat was graded into two sizes only: petite and tall. These are all subtle but important details and reflect what I had in mind for a perfect mid-weight coat long before Pantalon began. 
 The construction of the inside of the coat is just as polished as the outside, with the inner seams encased in lining. These features are a testament to the quality of the construction by Pantalon's maker, who specialises in outerwear for Australian designers and has been practicing her craft for many years. Pantalon is in good hands and is very proudly made locally. As I write this, the first production run for the Modern Coat is underway and I will be picking them up as soon as I land back in Sydney. Pre-order will be available from early March. Only five coats in each size are available to purchase; this was a small production run, and that was the point. My vision for the Modern Coat was to offer a thoughtful, considered piece that matches the values of the woman who wears it.
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