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A woman's shoulders, the curves of the back and accentuation of the waist were the attributes front-of-mind when I started to think about designing the first top for Pantalon. I also wanted to design a piece that would complement the silhouette of the signature trouser without having to tuck in; a go-to outfit for understated elegance.
The Modern Halter is made primarily from a 2x2 rib fabric which was chosen for a couple of reasons. It’s flattering on the upper body and being a ribbed design, it doesn’t usually require a bra. The casual fabric also means it doesn’t require any extra manipulation such as darts to shape. The binding used for the neckline is the same Italian suiting used for the Modern Trouser and the Modern Coat, bringing the collection together in a subtle way. The lining used is a 100% viscose, chosen for its lightness and durability, and you can catch a small glimpse of it from the back - a design element I envision developing further in future pieces. The back clasps that secure the top were sourced from a local business specialising in bra making supplies. During each of the sampling stages for the Modern Halter, I found that the use of hook and eyes, buttons and loops or long ties were either not secure enough or just not flattering. Sourcing quality clasps were essential and also the reason it took longer than I expected to complete this sampling.
There are two sizes available for the Halter: XS/S and M/L, and 10 of each size are being produced locally in Sydney. Pre-order will be available from Sunday 12th of March, as always feel free to reply if you'd like to reserve one.
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