Designing for simplicity

After the soft launch of the Modern Trouser in October, the most common piece of feedback I received from customers was around the pockets, and it went both ways; positively, in that pockets were a must-have feature but also negatively, in that pockets can be a deterrent if it becomes unflattering around the hips and legs. I understood both sides, and I wanted to fit a sample without the pockets to really compare the two. 
When the new sample of trousers arrived, the design became seamless around the hips and legs, and I was reminded of the vision I had in the first place of designing a pair of trousers with the utmost simplicity. It was closer to perfection, so I went with it. The Modern Trouser without pockets will be going into production at the end of February and will be available to-pre order early March with a very limited run of black suiting only. They will be available in sizes: XS, S, M, L.
Meanwhile, having fit the Modern Coat on a fit model as well as family and friends, I could see how timeless this garment would be - especially when paired with the trouser. And it features two in-seam side pockets that provide the functionality and comfort needed for every-day wear that the trouser pockets would otherwise have provided.  
While going pocketless ultimately suited my intention for the Modern Trouser, the pocket conversations helped inform my thought process for a future style of Pantalon trouser with a functional, utility-based design. The idea centres around practical details such as belt loops and thick woven material which allows for more flattering placement of pockets - I recently found an original edition book on Dockers Khakis and Levi Strauss & Company about the origins of workwear throughout the 50s and 60s, and this will serve as the initial inspiration for this idea. My aim is to build Pantalon in a collaborative spirit with you, so if you have any suggestions as a wearer your thoughts & replies are always welcomed and appreciated.
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