I want to change things up a bit

I've taken a month off in January, and during that time I've reflected on how I want to communicate the core values and ideas behind Pantalon to the brand's early supporters and collaborators. I also want to change things up a bit. And so for Pantalon's email subscribers, I'm starting a fortnightly Friday morning newsletter. 
There's a lot of interesting personal details about the brand that I’d love to share, and Instagram doesn't feel like the right format for how I want to do it. For now anyway.
This newsletter will be a place where I share the creative progress of each design from upcoming collections before they are available. I want to give some context behind why I’m creating and how, and to create a platform for collaboration and personal interaction with the Pantalon community.
Fashion is also a form of entertainment, and my idea for the newsletter came from wondering how I can create and maintain interest in Pantalon while remaining sustainable with my vision of two small collections per year. I will publish the first newsletter this Friday, January 27.
I'm looking forward to it.
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