Shirting Vision Board

If you’ve recently joined the Pantalon Newsletter subscriber list – welcome. This is a space for documenting the creative process since that is much of the joy in starting a brand. It’s a pleasure to share what I’ve found interesting along this journey of creating garments.

I was adding to my vision board, styling cues of a classic cut shirt, and thinking about the next Istilo drop for later in the year. Istilo means style and a way of doing things in the Tagalog language. Istilo pieces are designed to be fun and enduring styling additions and I couldn’t think of a better way to research than with archival imagery of Audrey Hepburn - a woman who really understood shirting. Using simple techniques, she often wore combinations that flattered her petite frame emphasising her neck and décolletage. She wore shirts that weren't too oversized but had shaping in the right place to make the fit just right. Rolling the sleeves, layering an open shirt over fitted long sleeve tops or tying at the waist leaving the buttons undone were some key favourites. Wrapped and tucked across the waist is forever elegant. This is how Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy wore her shirts and maybe Audrey was an inspiration here. Classic in every sense, these images have a timeless quality - they really could have been taken today. Istilo shirting is in the pattern making stages and we're working on perfecting every element from the button placements to the curve of the hem. And always keeping the signature fit of Pantalon trousers in mind as the ideal compliment.

If you’ve had your eye on the Modern Trouser in black, we’re down to our last five pairs in that particular fabric. These pieces won't be restocked because each Pantalon collection is made using end of line fabrics only. It fits like a dream so if you’ve been considering making a purchase, get in touch directly and we can assist with sizing. If you're Sydney-based we can arrange a fitting. We are working on styles for next year which will be the next chance to purchase trousers in a simple black core option.

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