Pantalon Istilo

The design of Pantalon pieces have been inspired from the very first garment by the Pantalon style ethos: modernising a classic wardrobe piece. As I work on the designs of future Pantalon collections, I often think about how I would wear each piece personally and ways it could be styled to make it feel current. This is where I start thinking about trends in styling approaches and styling essentials. I think of these styling pieces as what stylists might bring onto a set that could elevate a look. For example; hosiery, basic shirting, roll necks and knitwear. Using such pieces creatively to build different modes of expression is the very definition of what it means to style.  

The word for style in the Tagalog language is Istilo. After a phone call with my mum, I learnt it's used to express both style and also a way of doing things. Such a great word, and the word that inspired what’s next for Pantalon. 

I'm happy to introduce PANTALON ISTILO - pieces produced between each Pantalon Issue, that are designed to be fun and enduring styling additions. Istilo pieces are focused on ideas that complement modern classics and you can expect the same quality as our standard Issue pieces. As a friend perfectly articulated - the styling pieces I dream of allow for different ways of expressing Pantalon. 

The first drop of ISTILO will comprise of a ribbed bandeau top and a ribbed mini skirt. Both will be produced in a black stretch viscose blend - the same fabric as the halter top from Pantalon Issue 1. The Pantalon mini skirt pattern was developed for Issue 2 (scheduled for launch in July 2023), inspired by the longevity I enjoyed from a vintage skirt that I purchased over 10 years ago. It’s a skirt my sister and I have shared, which has specific attributes that have always made it feel current; the right mini length and the perfect mid-rise fit at the waist. The Istilo bandeau top was designed from pure indulgence – it’s definitely a trending silhouette but nonetheless it's so versatile and also the most fun to wear. I love the simplicity of it, both on its own and as a great addition under jackets and overshirts. For both Istilo pieces, I wanted to create a sense of fun and bring down the formality by constructing them in the ribbed knit (product details are set out below).

In line with Pantalon's production practices, Istilo pieces are all made from end of line fabrics, designed, and proudly made in Australia. Pieces will be available for pre-order with a wait time of approximately 2-3 weeks. If you’d like to reserve an Istilo piece, you can also reply directly to this email. Otherwise keep an eye out this week for pre order announcements with imagery to come. 

PANTALON ISTILO: Ribbed Bandeau Top $120

The Istilo bandeau top is constructed from a double 2x2 rib knit designed to be worn as a pullover. The rib knit is chosen for its texture and stretch over the body for an ultra flattering fit over the bust and waist. The length of the top is designed to sit at mid-rise on the body, underneath the belly button. Available in XS, S, M, L.

 PANTALON ISTILO: Ribbed Mini Skirt $150

The Istilo skirt is constructed from a 2x2 rib knit with a viscose waistband and pocket lining. The skirt features a wrap over front construction for ease of movement with two inseam pockets for functionality. The signature narrow waistband allows for a flattering rise on the waist. This skirt can be matched with the Pantalon halter top or bandeau top and can be worn together as a set. Alternatively, you can break up tailored Pantalon pieces for effortless styling. Available in XS, S, M, L.

Available to pre order from 26th May.

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