First Pop-up

As you would have seen on socials, Pantalon held it’s first pop up event in Sydney over the weekend. It was only a 3-day event but it required a small army to make it happen - I still haven’t been able to unwind and I’m feeling an appreciation for anyone who runs a business on their own. The theme was Summer; showcasing emerging designers, artists and brands as well as independent print and curation of second hand books. It felt like a real collective effort, and it was everyone’s product and energy that made it a success. Truly, it was so much fun.

When people ask how the pop up went, my mind turns to comments from two strangers which perfectly summarise how special the event was for me personally.

On the first day I was tidying up the book section near the back of the store when I saw a customer browsing through the Pantalon rails. I walked over to say hello, and she held out a pair of black trousers in her size and politely asked to try them on. Usually, I’d begin a conversation about fit so I was surprised she was so direct. After a few minutes, she walked out of the change room holding up the trousers. She told me they were the best pants she's ever tried on and that this 'never happens'. She tapped her card, and was out the door.

At 2pm on the last day, we started our pack-down when a guy walked in with a cigarette tucked behind his ear and a brooding slouch. He asked if we still had the Dash Snow book that was in the window the day before. “Oh no sorry, the books have been picked up already but happy to put you in touch with my friend who owns the books” we told him. Appreciative, he broke a smile and asked why we were packing up already. "We’re only here for the weekend, it’s a pop up event". He said he walked past the day before thinking that our store was a great addition to Oxford Street; that our set-up had appeared permanent at first glance and how he was looking forward to visiting and purchasing some photography books.

To have made a small impact like this really aligns with what the vision of Pantalon stands for; the values of creativity, independence and useful, thoughtful clothing. Thank you so much to those who visited and for those who sent their best wishes.

I will now rest for the evening. Enjoy my favourite photos
from the pop up: 

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