Always carry a book with you

Since starting Pantalon, one of my most treasured pursuits has been in the curation of the Pantalon Library; a place to share book recommendations from creatives I have crossed paths with, as well as from Pantalon collaborators. When someone shares a favourite film, book or song it can reveal a part of the person that doesn’t require too much of an explanation. Similar to the way dressing can share something about yourself, sometimes involuntarily. That silent connection through clothing or stories is what I’m always searching for, because it has a timeless effect and allows for a deeper connection to the subject. A book I’m reading at the moment is about Miuccia Prada’s early life in Milan during the 70s, and there was an interesting detail about her life after high school where she enrolled in a mime course at theatre school and practised there for five or six years. A chronically shy person, it was a practice she took very seriously which allowed her to express herself through body movements without the need to verbally talk. Miuccia said the discipline she learned in those early years left her with invaluable skills she still uses today. 

I was inspired to make book recommendations a part of Pantalon’s identity after going down an incredible two-year rabbit hole of recommendations by one of my favourite writers. These recommendations were mainly personal memoirs and biographies of late celebrities and figures who represented an era, while others were just fun reads that took me away to a different time and place. Some of the books were out of print, which made the chase even more desirable. Valley of the Dolls by Jacueline Susann, The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe, Jackie Oh! By Kitty Kelley, Celebrity Circus by Elsa Maxwell are a few from the selection. That’s one of the best things about reading, a little detail or interest in one book will always lead you to your next book and it never really has to end - so long as you stay curious. 

The response to book recommendations from the Pantalon community has been amazing so far. It just so happens that women who love good trousers also love good books. Built in the spirit of collaboration, our Library reflects a core part of the brand's values and it has brought me great joy to share.

If you have a book that has stayed with you, let me know.

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